Wilde Stone is the creation of designer Kylie Seaton-Stone, an Australian based global soul who focuses on creating beautiful quality jewellery. Designed with a timeless bohemian quality it includes enigmatic pendants, symbols and motifs to represent the bohemian beach and global lifestyle.

Whether for cultural significance or personal expression, jewellery tells a story and is treasured throughout the generations. An item of no practical purpose can be such an important and significant part of history and culture, something to be admired and treasured for its beauty alone.

Having been lucky enough to spend long stretches of time travelling through Europe, Africa, Asia and South America soaking up the different cultures, this provided Kylie with a passion for cultural themes and heirloom pieces.

Kylie now lives full time in Byron Bay and the coastal lifestyle plays a starring role in both her family life, and as a source inspiration for her designs. Attracted to pieces that tell a tale of culture, spirituality and life experience and that draw on the beauty of natural stones and precious metals Kylie says "I feel blessed to be able to create 'Wilde Stone' and bring my vision to life".